What ONEBusiness gives you

2919 - Purchases

Flexibility to choose the right plan

Choose the right plan for you and your employees

2902 - Connected Team

Flexibility to Share and Allocate

Allocate the right amount of data for each employee and avoid wastage

2913 - Find User

Flexibility to add on lines

Add on more lines as your company grows

2912 - Transaction

Flexibility to purchase devices

Use your FlexiFund to select devices of your choice within 24 months


The most flexible business plan


You decide what’s best for your business. You no longer have to be bound by expensive packages and more lines than you need. With ONEBusiness Flexi, you now have the flexibility to choose the right plan for each employee, share and allocate the right amount of data.

Now you also have the flexibility to add on single lines as your business grows, and your FlexiFund gives you the freedom to purchase the right devices when you want it.


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Add optional Flexi Start lines:

  ONEBusiness Flexi Start 48
Monthly fee RM48
Non-shareable data 5GB
Voice & SMS Unlimited to all Maxis numbers
10sen per minute/SMS to other operators'
FlexiFund Choose from a wide range of smartphones, tablets, ruggedized devices, power banks, headphones and chargers, anytime within 24 months from registration

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