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As your business scales up, higher volume of calls are to be expected – especially for service-based industries or call-based businesses.

Unity Hotline allows your customers to dial a single number and be instantly put through to your channel support or customer service team; and they’ll never encounter a busy line tone again! With the ability to connect and support up to 100 different lines, your customers’ call will be redirected to a free line instantly; allowing your front liners to attend to them without delay.



No more miss call

Don’t get stuck on a desktop. Answer your customer calls from your mobile device anywhere, anytime

Spend less on your deskphone and PBX system cost.

  Unity Hotline Lite @ RM10 Unity Hotline Lite Deskphone Bundle @ RM48
1 Virtual fixed line number
Capable of 5 hunting lines
Outgoing calls

  • Unlimited to Maxis network*
  • 10 sen/min to other networks
Huawei F-371 Deskphone
(with 1 Year warranty)

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